My name is Melanie. I am INTJ.
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Jun 6


  • Everyone: Your standards are too high!
  • Me: (says nothing but secretly believes everyone is stupid)

Mar 1

Hi I never use this anymore but I made a spin-off Twitter account


Follow and @reply me with intj problems!

Thanks for liking my blog.


Feb 6

zeggy said: For your 'famous fictional INTJ characters" series, could you do Katniss from The Hunger Games? I'm quite sure she's an INTJ, and there aren't many female examples out there. :)

Hi from her personality and research it seems she may be either INTJ/ISTP. If anyone would like to further help type her leave some info in my ask! I’m not comfortable yet putting her on my blog but if there are any other suggestions please ask!! That goes for everyone :D

myhotcaffeine said: Once an INTJ, always an INTJ. How can someone tell you what you are and what you're not, when they don't even know you, and they aren't you? LOL that's bs. Anyway. Cheers. INTJ here too. :)

Cheers! Cool :) Are you English?

starburned said: I'm INTP and I love this blog. :)

aw thanks :) I must update more often!

Jan 14

vesper-noir said: Hey, just found this blog (awesome, by the way, to find something catering to my personality type), and I must say - those nay-sayers that are telling YOU that you're not an INTJ? Hm. Me thinks that they're not of the rational personality types themselves… ;P

Lol. Maybe :) Nice to meet you though :)

gentrigger said: I think the biggest reason why people misconstrue an INTJ is because we do have a tendency to have a "game face" that's different from our true face, where we set aside our tendencies for greater purposes. I'm sure anyone who knows us though will attest to how well we fulfill our personality type. That being said, as an INJ, my blog is a wreck. I just don't see a need to manage my blog to be all neat since it's just where I explode about my musings and reblog funny tidbits.

That is so true! Thanks for the input :)

space-aliens said: When people tell you you're not an INTJ their being pretty ignorant. The person who knows you the most IS YOU, not them. They can't make a judement about your personality. People are crazy lol.

Yea I know. People can’t just judge by my blog. Because there are obviously a lot of things I hide about myself, lol why I have 5 blogs. I really appreciate this though! Thanks :)

jerryrice said: Hello my name is Jerry. I am an INTJ. There, that was my try to not act like a introvert :-) Thanks for the blog of INTJ stuffs.

Thanks:) I love the support!

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